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Meeting my Online Friends

July 8, 2017 3

My husband once asked me what it is in blogging that I like… He was wondering that I complain about going home tired from work, not getting enough rest on weekends or not getting enough […]


Gastronomic Adventure

Gastronomic Adventure: The Captain’s Boil

February 18, 2018 0

My husband is a seafood lover, since the very first time that I heard about the opening of The Captain’s Boil in Winnipeg, I promised to him that we’ll be one of the first guests […]

Momsies Chronicles

Life Advice from Holly Butcher

January 9, 2018 0

“If something is making you miserable, you do have the power to change it – in work or love or whatever it may be. Have the guts to change. You don’t know how much time […]

Momsies Chronicles

My First Homecoming…

November 1, 2017 0

My family and I have been living in Canada for almost 9 years now. We have already established a new life in Winnipeg, my husband and I have secured permanent jobs, we have a house, […]

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Momsiecle is short for Momsie’s Circle. As our family start a new chapter of our lives in Winnipeg in 2009, I also started to write about my challenges and triumphs in Canada as an immigrant, until I decided to dedicate this blog site to creating posts about coming and living in Canada (and everything else). Enjoy your visit!


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Canada Living

Speaking Like a Canadian, eh!

November 30, 2014 2

Nope, I am not giving a lesson about the parts of speech or other grammar lessons in this post, I will share with you some words, slang and phrases that are commonly used by Canadians. […]