You Changed My Life, Bebe Ko!

It is true, that watching movie nowadays is quite expensive.  With the prices of commodities that keeps going up, it s not easy to include in your “movie date night” in your tight bud

get.  This could be the reason why other would prefer to buy pirated DVDs kahit na bawal, you could watch 3 movies for the price of one cinema ticket when you go for pirated.  Though the fun and excitement of watching the movie is not the same ofcourse – especially in this kind of movie where there are so many kilig moments, hehehe.

My husband and I rarely go out na to watch a movie… but for this movie, I FORCED HIM!!!  As in I really made sure that I will really see this movie in the movie theater!  Well I am not writing this blog to make a movie review, I’m not very good at that.


I am writing this because I am so glad  that I watched this movie. When I entered the cinema, I did not expect anything but to see the beautiful face of John Lloyd.  But after a few minutes of watching, I found myself laughing with the crowd.   Miggy Montero and Laida Magtalas did not fail me.  I would say that the movie exceeded my expectation (naks!).

In the first sequel of Miggy-Laida story – A very Special Love, I had hesitations about the loveteam.  I intentionally did not watch in in the theater and waited for the cd to be released.  I thought that they were not a good pair.  But,  I guess I do’t need to explain how I fnd their love team now, as I insisted to watch the part 2 of Miggy-Laida story in the cinema.  They really make a “nakakakilig” pair.  The movie was romantic but not mushy – it is entertaining and engaging.  You would look forward on the next scene.

In A Very Special Love – we loved Laida for her sun dance, in this movie, we will love her for her “Power Hug.”

What do you expect in a rom-com movie, actually there is nothing extra special, even if the title of the first sequel was a very special love, there’s no much special about it…. its just the story and how it was executed and delivered to the audience… feel-good, no much conflicts, walang nakakainis na character.  You’ll come out of the movie house smiling, well Sarah may not be very beautiful  but she is very suited to be Layda Magtalas…. She delivered her lines with impact.  And ofcourse John Lloyd – he didn’t fail me, he had properly carried his role as Miggy Montenegro!!!

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