I wanna grow old with you…

When I was younger, I used to be romantic, my closest friends could testify to that… I always see to it that I’ll get to see the most recent romantic (and the most baduy) movies. I would imagine that one day, I will also meet my man and just like in the movie, we will leave happily ever after… Then I had my first heart break… and sadly it was not the last. As they say, people make mistakes – I guess, I made alot of that – wrong choices, wrong judgment, wrong person, wrong timing. Whatever wrong decisions I made, I know I paid the consequences big time!
Then came the time that I just got tired. And just like what the song says “I didn’t know I was looking for love, until I FOUND YOU.” Yes, I did not just find him, I even agreed to be his wife 🙂
We are again successful in completing another year of togetherness, despite all the humps and bumps that we had to go through, here we are on our 9th year!!!
Yah, I know we are like yin and yang. He is Mr. Left and I am Mrs. Right. He is Mr. Calm and I am Mrs. Panicky. He can let the day pass sitting at the couch and I am thinking of what other things I can do while I am turning our room around. He can’t last the day without eating his potato chips while watching TV while I can’t end the day without drinking my coffee while holding my laptop. He can be warm and friendly to everyone while I am still thinking if I will smile back to that neighbor that we just met… He always see the glass half full while I find it half empty. We are on the opposite sides, but we click!
My husband is my friend, my cheerleader and my enemy. He makes me happy but he annoys me, especially if he leaves a big mess in our room when he is running late for work or if he leaves his celphone charger plugged the whole day. And I might consider filling an annulment if he gets another expensive jacket one of these days. We are not a perfect couple. We even went through alot of big fights which almost tore us apart. But even if our marriage is not perfect, we LOVE each other.
And to you my husband – we are successful in completing another year of togetherness. On this special occasion, let me thank you for the three wonderful lil’ ones that made this relationship stronger. Thank you for putting up on me despite my mood swings and my I am the boss commands. Thank you for being so supportive with what I want to do and for always giving me what I want even if you know that I don’t really need them. We may not have the best husband-wife relationship but I m certain that our love will overcome these imperfections. Please know that I am proud of your accomplishments and I’ll always be here to support you.
I love you. I want to grow old with you, even when I’m too old to remember what I’m supposed to love you for.
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