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IMG_5636It has been 3 months since I posted my review on KathNiel’s movie, Crazy Beautiful You… last night, we have decided to watch Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano’s (popularly known as LizQuen) debut movie on our family movie night. And yes, this time, I chose the movie, I have loved this Philippine’s “breakout love team,” since the time that I got hooked with their Forevermore serye.

Just the Way You Are is a romantic-comedy movie based on the best-selling pop-fiction, The Bet, which was originally published on Wattpad, an online writing community that allows users to put up articles, poems and stories.

The plot of the movie can be considered as an excessively used plot, a popular rich boy fell in love with a nerdy girl… In the movie, Drake Sison (Enrique Gil), the most popular guy in the campus who thinks the he can make every girl fall in love with him. He made a bet with his best friend Andrei (Yves Flores) that he will make Sophia Taylor (Liza Soberano), a nerdy transferee fall in love with him in 30 days. After she says yes to him, he must confess that what he did was just for a bet.

Despite the predictable twist and turns of the story, I would say that my family and I enjoyed the movie. To be honest, while I was looking at the first few scenes of the movie, I knew that that this movie is not intended for mommies of my age, but the people in the theater who were watching with us that night is a mixture of people of all ages… Some could even be older than me… It can’t be denied that Enrique and Liza look good together, their natural chemistry kept the viewers hooked and inflame… And I have to admit that it is very evident that most women in the theater cannot contain their excitement whenever Enrique appears on the screen. Enrique and Liza’s electrifying chemistry did not disappoint their viewers, they are the real reason why the movie managed to keep its charm. And Yves’ character as Andrei added color to every scene that he is in, my kids loved his punch lines and how he delivered them!

Just 0cBut because I was able to read “The Bet”, I have this feeling that the story was cut really short and if I am Kimberly Joy Villanueva, the author of the novel, I will somehow feel disappointed because of the screenwriter’s effort to localize the story, it changed and it removed some of the scenarios in the original story that showed how Drake demonstrated his affection to Sophia. And I still prefer how Sophia learned about the bet between Andrei and Drake in the original story than how it was done in the movie.

I was one of the million followers of Forevermore from Day 1 until it proved that there really is forever in it’s ending, from that serye, I got hooked in this serye, not only because Enrique and Lisa looked good on screen, but also because I admired their acting. This movie is a testament that that they are not just pretty faces, they have both effectively portrayed their roles.  My favorite part is when Sophia was looking for her worn out shoes until Drake brought her to the airport, their acting especially Lisa was very affecting, I saw a lot of people even my 3 kids wiping away their tears.

There were a lot of teary moments in this movie, so if you are a type of person who loves a movie that will make you laugh and cry at the same time and make you want to fall in love, then you should see this movie.

Just 0aAnd here are my favorite lines from this movie:

Thirty days, dude. Thirty days to make a girl fall in love with you.” – Andrei

Hindi mo ba gusto ng true love? ‘Yung aalagaan ka? Poprotektahan ka? Hindi ka mananakit at hindi ka masasaktan.” – Driana

Love, pustahan, sugal, they’re all the same. In the end palagi kang talo.” – Sophia

How do I get you? How do I even win you?” – Drake

That’s the secret I don’t tell little boys. The question is, are you man enough to find out?” – Sophia

I wanna know your secrets so bad, I’m gonna be with you 24/7.” – Drake

So sad when your heart gets broken. But you know what’s more sad? Hindi ka naman masasaktan kung ‘di mo mahal ang isang tao. Sana hindi na lang tayo nagmamahal, baka hindi din tayo nasasaktan.” – Sophia

“I’m sorry for almost taking away your piece of home and I’m sorry you got your heart broken.” – Drake

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  1. The movie “Just the way you are” was something I was watching and I can not seem to locate it anywhere at any store. Do anyone know where o can find it?

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