Cultural Access Pass: a gift to new Canadians

The proposed changes in  the Citizenship Bill C-24 announced by Minister John McCallum was a trending topic in Canada even until the weekend….

My family and I became Canadian citizens in  2014, even before all these talks about “Canadian citizenship hard to get (and easy to lose) issue and I always believe that getting Canadian citizenship is really not easy.  Passing the citizenship knowledge test is like passing a board exam! Thus, I thought it is worthy to share in this blog about the Cultural Access Pass (CAP).

In 2008, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), a national, non-profit charity that aims to help accelerate new citizens’ integration into Canadian life, launched the CAP program.  Any person who has received his/her Canadian citizenship within the last 365 days and is 18 years of age or older is eligible to avail CAP.


CAP creates opportunities for Canada’s newest citizens to discover our rich cultural history, world-renowned artworks, historical figures and stunning parks by providing  complimentary admission to more than 1000 of Canada’s cultural treasures from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

To register for CAP, the individual must register online, there is no cost associated in  joining CAP, it is valid for one year and cannot be extended under any circumstance.  The one year validity of your pass starts from the date you are sworn in as a citizen and not the date you register for the program.  An individual’s pass is not transferable, it does not cover your spouse but grants admission to up to four (4) of your minor, dependent children (17 years of age or under).

CAP will not be mailed to you, after registering online and you have obtained your registration confirmation number, you or your authorized family member or friend must pick up your CAP pass to any of the designated Pickup Location listed on the Pickup Locations page of ICC website. There are more than 200 pickup locations across Canada.

There are a lot of attractions that offer a discount to their gift shop  or café to CAP holders while others offers to buy a membership to their attraction at a reduced rate after your CAP expires. Members of the CAP program are eligible for a once-in-a-lifetime discount on travel in Canada: 50% off the lowest available fare to VIA Rail Canada.  These are just among the benefits that a CAP program member can enjoy,  for a list of all the attractions available to you across the country, visit the ICC website and find out the latest events, discounts and offers for CAP members.

Which place in Canada would you like your Cultural Access Pass to take you?

For more details regarding ICC and CAP program, please visit their website.

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Cristina, author of moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2009. She is a B.S. Psychology graduate from the Philippines and is currently working in Canada’s largest retail company. She is also a Settlement E-Volunteer with English Online Inc., wherein she provides supportive counseling to newcomers in Canada. Cristina blogs about her adventures and misadventures as an immigrant working-mom in Canada...

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