I got “Peggo” in my Pocket

I have previously wrote about the roll out to Winnipeg riders of Peggo, the smart card system for Winnipeg Transit buses.  Today, just like the other transit riders, I got an extra card to put in my pocket to and from  work, this is because the new Peggo cards that replacing bus tickets, are now available to all transit users.

Peggo card which somehow works like a bank card is the new way to pay for  bus fare,  the best thing that I like about it is that passengers (which I discovered when I used the card this afternoon) is that I don’t need to ask the bus drivers for a transfer ticket because a 75 minute transfer is automatically encoded on my card with the date and time, so when I boarded on my  connecting bus.  By the way,  I used e-cash to pay for my fare, ff course, you don’t need a transfer if you paid your  fare with an e-pass.

The Peggo E-Cash (which I am using) replaces paper tickets while Peggo E-passes replace the paper passes. Though riders can still pay cash for fares and use bus tickets, the city will have an announcement in fall regarding the date of when paper bus passes will ceased to be accepted.

Here are some important information that a Peggo user should know:

  • Peggo card has an embedded microchip that communicates with the farebox. When a card is tapped against a farebox smart card reader, a single fare is deducted from the stored value on the card. IMG_2303
  • E-cash fares replace paper tickets. Riders can load a maximum of $200 on to Peggo cards; fares are deducted as the cards are tapped on the farebox.
  • For easy identification, Peggo card comes in 2 colors. The green card is available for passengers paying a reduced fare, such as seniors and youths while the white card is for all full fare paying passengers.
  • A peggo card can be purchased for $5. A minimum of $5 e-cash or any e-pass must be purchased with the card in order to validate your peggo card.
  • A peggo card may last up to four years. How long a card lasts depends on how well it is taken care of. Washing, bending or cutting the card or ticket will damage the internal chip, making them inoperable. Once inoperable, a new card would need to be purchased.
  • A $5 replacement fee will be charged for all lost, stolen, or damaged peggo cards
  • You can load fares onto peggo cards in three ways: in person at one of  retail sales agents; online or on the phone with 311.
  • You have the ability to load several passes onto your peggo card at once. E-Passes will be active on your card in the order you load them, unless you have loaded a monthly pass. Monthly passes will become active on the first day of the month.
  • Fares loaded onlineor by phone are not available for use right away. It can take up to 48 hours before these fares are active on your card.
  • A rolling e-pass is activated the when you tap your peggo card against the Smart Card reader on a farebox inside a Transit bus. For example, if you purchase a 7-day e-pass on a Monday, but don’t ride the bus until Thursday, your 7-day validity period will begin on Thursday and will be valid until the end of service on the following Wednesday.
  • When you pay your fare with the e-cash on your peggo card, the date and time that you pay your fare is electronically encoded on your peggo card. A 75 minute transfer is automatically encoded so when you board your connecting bus, your peggo card knows whether you are entitled to a transfer or are required to pay an additional fare.
  • One of the great features of your peggo card is that you can see your remaining account balance right after you pay your fare. If you use an e-pass to pay your fare, the farebox display will show you the date on which your e-pass expires, and if you use e-cash, the farebox display will show you your remaining e-cash balance.

During the rollout period, the city is waiving the $5 charge for Peggo cards, after you register your peggo card and use your card for two separate trips on two different days the $5 you paid for the card will be refunded to your card as e-cash within 48 hours.  After the  launch period the $5 cost for a peggo card will not be refunded.

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