WelcomePack Distribution – October 2016

Photo by Von Cruz

We did 2 distributions of Welcome Pack for the month of October.  Due to the continuous increase in number of new comers who registered to get their welcome pack, we decided to do 2 distributions in a month.

Our 8th distribution which was still held in Bakerite was held in October 8, this time, as the owners way of giving back on there bakery’s 1st year, free sampling of their product were given out to registrants who came in the morning to pick up their welcome pack. Three lucky registrants who completed the “Thanksgiving survey – What are you thankful of?” received baked goodies still courtesy of Bakerite.

Our 6th distribution is one of the most memorable distribution to me, not only because we met a lot of beautiful people who immigrated to Winnipeg from European countries but also because I got a chance to meet one of my blog followers  who is also from the Philippines and has been reading Momsie’s Circle blog even before she came to Canada.

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Momsiecle is short for Momsie’s Circle. As our family start a new chapter of our lives in Winnipeg in 2009, I also started to write about my challenges and triumphs in Canada as an immigrant, my mommy stories, my everyday life experiences and everything in between. Enjoy your visit!

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