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Momsiecle is short for Momsie’s Circle. When I was 17, a lil’ cute boy started to call me Momsie, as I acted as his mom while his Mama was away. From then on, my nieces and my nephews started calling me Momsie until I decided to use it in my blog.

momsiecle.com became my official blog site in March 2012. It was not actually my first blog, I created my first blog on a free blogging platform in 2006 as a just-for-fun blog.  Back then, I would write about my personal life experiences or opinion about different things.  When our family started a new chapter in Winnipeg in 2009, I started to write about my challenges and triumphs in Canada as an immigrant, until I decided to dedicate Momsie’s Circle to creating posts that are not only about myself or my family.  Making my blog site a place to come for immigrants in Canada became my passion.  Just like other “new immigrants,” I also felt that starting a new life and settling in a foreign land is one of the HARDEST and most challenging parts of moving to another country, I experienced a certain level of culture shock.  These motivated me to write about my Canadian immigrant journey, so that any achievement that I may have may inspire fellow immigrants and any challenge that I will overcome will make them feel that we are all on the same boat.

Through the years, this blog site opened different doors for me.  I made new friends virtually and personally.  I got invited to different community events and got featured in articles that talked about bloggers.

The people I met, the places I’ve been and even the food that I ate made me realize that there are so much things that I can write about and share in my blog.

My blog is now more than just about my life in Canada as an immigrant, here are the stuff that you can find in my blog:

Canada Living  are information about everyday life in Canada and how to come to Canada. From time to time, I post updates from Citizenship and Immigration Canada regarding new rules on coming and immigrating to Canada andposts about useful information and resources for newcomers in Canada. While Immigrant Journeyis stories and experiences of other immigrants that I meet.

Momsie’s Circle is all about my personal views and experiences, it could be about my immigration story, about my job, my friends, my mommy moments, my love for charm bracelets, my addiction with purses, an advise or tip, it could just be anything.

I also have Stories & More section, this part of my blog attempts to share not just current and trending news and stories. It isthat part of my blog where I attempt to share my experiences in the places I visited, a movie or show that I saw, the food I tasted or even an inspiring story that I read.

You will repeatedly read in all corners of this blog site that I was born and raised in the Philippines, you will for sure understand why I have All Things Filipino section.

Enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!!!


DISCLAIMER: Not all information posted on this site are my ideas or advise, some information may come from multiple sources. This is not a government supported website and the author is not an immigration consultant or not in anyway connected with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. My blog posts regarding Canada immigration are mostly based on the experiences of the people that I talked to or could also be my personal experiences, any news and updates regarding Canada immigration rules and procedures are based on various references. Furthermore, please note that the author do not own all the pictures or images posted in this blog, if the author happened to use a picture or image that you own and you do not agree to be posted in this site, please let the author know and it will be taken down as soon as you advise.

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Momsiecle is short for Momsie’s Circle. As our family start a new chapter of our lives in Winnipeg in 2009, I also started to write about my challenges and triumphs in Canada as an immigrant, my mommy stories, my everyday life experiences and everything in between. Enjoy your visit!

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