The Kwentong Jollibee Series that Made Filipinos Cry Featured

In the past 2 days, Jollibee, Philippines’ largest fast food chain released it’s new Kwentong Jollibee Series which broke the Filipinos’ heart and the social media world.

Because it’s few days before Valentine’s Day, the heart-wrenching short videos tagged as #KwentongJollibeeValentineSeries revolved about different kinds of LOVE- unrequited love, enduring love and endless love.

Jollibee initially released the first two videos “Vow” and “Crush” on Thursday (February 9) and the last installment video “Date”  was released Friday (February 10) on its social media accounts.

“Vow” directed by Ianco dela Cruz  tells a story of unconditional love that even if it is unrequited.  Its about a man and woman that  first saw each other at a Jollibee store.  They got along, from then on, the man has loved the woman and did everything for her from fetching her from work to being there to make her laugh and help her whenever she needs a hand.  But in the end, fate led them to different path, we all felt sad for the guy when we found out at the last part of the video that the man turned out to be the best man, instead of the groom. Ouchh!

“Crush” will warm your heart with the story of enduring love – how true love persists and wins in the end.  The story, directed by Joel Ruiz is about a young man who had a crush with his schoolmate.  He chose to express his feelings by leaving her with her favorite Jollibee burger with anonymous cheerful notes written in a post-it note but the girl that he likes had a boyfriend.  But decades after, in a reunion event, the guy was shown giving his crush another burger with a post-it note saying “Sorry, late ako.” Then it was revealed that they ended up together and have grandchildren of their own. Aaawww!

Date” (which happens to be my favorite among the three) tackles about endless love.  This was directed by Pepe Diokno and showed a young boy who fulfilled his father’s dying wish for  the ideal  Valentine’s date for him (his father, supposedly) and for the boy’s mother.  He followed the dad’s instructions in setting up a date in a Jollibee store with the mom’s favorite, thigh part of chicken joy.  When his mom came, the son showed her a video recording of his bedridden dad greeting his mom a Happy Valentine and this was the most painful part for me:

“Hi Hon, Happy Valentines day. Sorry wala ako diyan. Di na ako umabot eh . .”

After all the three touching Jollibee videos were released,  they spread like wildfire on all  social media platforms, once again, Jollibee captured the deepest emotion from its Filipino viewers.

“Jollibee”  became the top Twitter trend nationwide:

In Facebook, I am sure until now you’re newsfeed is still filled with your friends either sharing any of the 3 Jollibee ads or sharing their reaction to these commercials.

How about you, which of these three stories was the most relatable for you? Which one did you find to be the most touching or heart-wrenching?



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