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Buwan ng Wika (Week of the Philippine Language) falls on the month of August in the Philippines, so I thought of writing something about my country’s National Language — Filipino. When we just came to Winnipeg, one of my worries was my children will not be able to communicate to other kids, as both of my son who was 4 years old and my daughter who is one at that time knew very few English words.

Just recently, a senior couple I know left to visit Philippines. Both of them are former Filipino citizens and were naturalized Canadian, every year, they always travel to the Philippines just before winter starts in Canada and would stay in the Philippines until spring.

In the past 7 years, I have always been sharing how my family and I faced the challenges that we have encountered here in Canada and the advantages (and disadvantages) of settling down here.  Though I have some articles that I wrote pertaining to my fellow Filipinos, I have never really talked about Philippines, the land where I came from.

Philippines has about 120 to 175 languages, including Filipino and English which are considered to be the country’s official languages, but aside from these 2 languages, it is very common now to a lot of Filipinos everyday conversations to use the “beki” lingo, beki is a colloquial word for gay.

18 days from today, it’ll be Christmas day and aside form putting up our tree and setting up some Christmas décor around our house, I have not made any other preparations yet. Considering that in September, I spent so much time customizing a Christmas calendar for myself, it isn’t cool to think that it seems like I will still end up being one of those moms who are trying to beat the Christmas rush or worse, I will end up doing the last minute shopping.

After saying our night prayer, my 6-year old daughter, asked me what does Holy Week means, she told me that she heard “Holy Week” a lot of times already but she cannot understand why we call a week as holy…

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