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When I was still processing my family’s application for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), one of the documentary requirements in submitting an application was Manitoba Affidavit of Support (MAS) which is a declaration of the financial support of a close relative that needs to be signed if the applicant cannot provide the

settlement fund.  However, MPNP no longer accepts this form and is now requiring for the applicant’s  Settlement Plan, instead.

After October 2012, a MPNP applicant who has a familial or social connection to Manitoba is required to submit their settlement plan (Settlement Plan Part 1).  The applicant’s connection to Manitoba referred as the applicant’s Manitoba Supporter must endorsed the applicant’s settlement plan and submit Settlement Plan Part 2.

Manitoba Supporter is a close relative or a friend of the applicant who will serve as his/her connection to Manitoba and have been living in the province continuously for at least one (1) year.

A paid immigration representative or any Canadian elected official or his/her staff cannot be Manitoba Supporter and cannot signed and submit Settlement Plan Part 2 to MPNP

Tip: It is easier and more practical for the applicant if he/she uses his/her Manitoba Supporter and his/her address as their local contact for any correspondence with the MPNP during the application assessment process.

MPNP has set a number of conditions that should be met by a Manitoba Supporter, the latter  are expected to support the applicant’s plan for settling and finding a job in Manitoba.

The applicant’s Settlement Plan is an important part of the application, failure to provide the information that needs to be indicated in the settlement plan may lead to the provincial immigration official’s  refusal of the applicant’s election to be a nominee.

So, what are the information that the Settlement Plan
 requires?  Generally, speaking the applicant’s Settlement Plan must demonstrate the applicant’s adaptability and employability by answering the following questions:

  • why you have chosen Manitoba as your immigration destination – in this part the applicant should be able to provide valid reasons why he/she intend to live and work as permanent resident in the Province of Manitoba.
  • your plan for settling in a specific destination community –  the purpose of this question is to determine which specific place in Manitoba you intend to settle.  Note that provincial immigration officers will most likely refuse application of persons who appeared to be destined to another province in Canada.  Applicants who have family ties in other provinces must be able to prove that they do not have unstated intention to eventually move to his/her other family member’s location.
  • the type and strength of your connection to Manitoba – MPNP has assigned  different point values  on the assessment grid for your connections to Canada – 20 for a close family member and 10 for distant relative or friend.
  • that you are taking steps to ensure your immediate and long-term employability in Manitoba – the applicant should declare their “intended occupation” and then evaluates how their “education and work experience” prepare them for work in Manitoba.

Settlement Plan Part 2, which is a separate document that MPNP Online automatically sends to the applicant’s declared Manitoba Supporter will be completed by the supporter, the latter will explain how he/she will help the applicant to achieve the  short and long-term employment goals  that the applicant has stated in his/her settlement plan.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Settlement Plans will help the assessors make decisions about nominating or refusing applications, it is important that both the applicant and his/her Manitoba Supporter satisfy all the questions with true, correct and complete answers.  I highly suggest that the applicant, even the Manitoba Supporters should do some research or take some time to visit the official Immigrate Manitoba website to get information about Manitoba which is very useful to MPNP applicants.

It will also be very helpful, if the applicant will research his/her occupation  to find out the qualification requirements for working in his/her occupation in Manitoba.  Using the Working in Manitoba Tool, you will be able to view report regarding a certain occupation, it will indicate if the job is a regulated occupation and that will need to meet the requirements of a specific licensing process.  The report also shows the job and wage outlook and some of the currently advertised opportunities across Manitoba.

Taking time to do a a research and making plans will help an applicant to complete his/her MPNP application successfully.  Use the information and  links (to various websites) that I have included in this post to your advantage.  Start working your way to Manitoba…

Sources:  Immigrate Manitoba,  Pilipino Express and other news sources.


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