My husband once asked me what it is in blogging that I like… He was wondering that I complain about going home tired from work, not getting enough rest on weekends or not getting enough sleep and yet I still find time to write for my blog.

When I started with my blog, I consider blogging as my form of relaxation and release… I write when I feel sad, I write when I am happy or excited, I write when I’m worried or angry. Until I got used of putting into writing the ideas that come to my mind. There are times that even if I am in the middle of something at work, ideas keep coming in my head and I feel the urge to express these musings in my head… Yes, that is how I roll, the thoughts and the ideas running in my brains all goes to my blog.

In the past weeks (actually months) I have not been actively posting new articles in my blog. Aside from being too occupied with my responsibilities as a mom and wife and of course at work… I came to a point that I am loosing interest. I can’t squeeze blogging in my schedule, in addition to that keeping and maintaining a blog can be costly… But of course I won’t just give it up, I have considered to be my “baby.”  It is through this blog that I get to meet new friends not just online but even in person, that was one of the best things that blogging has given me.

When I started, I intend to share information about coming to Canada.  That is why my posts are mostly about coming to Canada and how my life as an immigrant is, I first thought of doing it just to avoid sending the same email to friends, relatives or people I know who ask about the process of going to Canada. But after I published my very first post about the provincial nominee application and I received a few emails telling me how they find those post useful and telling me that they will continue to follow my blog site, I then got inspired to write more. There are more Filipinos now who are are interested in migrating to other countries and Canada is one if the top choices and I know that getting the information to get started is not easy. I was once in their place and at present, I am one of the many immigrants here in Canada who has now learned to embrace the life that my husband and I have chosen for our family. It is through my blog that I get the chance to share my experiences. There would be some occasions that I will also write about my personal experiences and anything that caught my interest or it could also be anything that involuntarily form in my head even I am in a middle of doing something else. Some of my blog posts can be long or short, some may be well-written or parts of it can be from books, other websites or even other blogs.

Since we moved to Canada, blogging was the only form of writing that I did and completing at least one article in a week makes me feel really good (though I am unable to keep up). I do not have a clear explanation why despite complaining about having lack of time to do other important stuff, I still won’t give up blogging. I write because I want to express musings in my head… in some occasions, even what’s inside my heart. More importantly, since high school I already knew that writing is my passion. I consider my blog to be the realization of my childhood wish – to be a book author and a lifestyle magazine writer (actually this is the first time that I ever shared this secret wish). Though blogging is different from a formal mode of writing, the joy that blogging can give me is incomparable to the joy that i feel whenever I complete a special project at work. One of the thing that I like about blogging is that it is informal, whenever I try to come up with an article to post,  I feel I was just writing a journal. It is non-judgemental  form of expression, I do not have to worry if I have excellently wrote my article, instead, my concern is if i was able to convey the message that I would like my readers to know.

It has been 5 years since went live! A lot of things happened in the past 5 years, if my memory serves my right, Momsie’s blog has changed it’s face 4 times already, this blog has also been the go to  place for new immigrants in Winnipeg who would like to register for the Welcome Pack package, I have also interviewed a few people that I was able to featured in my Immigrant Stories (which I intend to continue).  Yes, it’s been 5 years since I went live and it has been 12 years since I started publishing what I wrote online, from Hi5 to Blogger to WordPress to my own website.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Momsie’s Blog!



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