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My husband once asked me what it is in blogging that I like… He was wondering that I complain about going home tired from work, not getting enough rest on weekends or not getting enough sleep and yet I still find time to write and blog. My answer was simple,

It was March 19, 2016 when my friends and I handed the very first welcome pack box to the very first new immigrant who came to meet us at Bakerite in Keewatin Street.  It has been a year since our very first distribution, 10 distributions were held and more than 2,000 boxes were distributed in Winnipeg. This simple way of “community service” was one of the significant events of my 2016.

At first, I can’t believe that it is really happening, it was only when the doctors started talking to me and explained to me what is happening when it dawned on me that yes, that was me rushing my mom to the emergency,

There are a lot of videos uploaded in different social media sites, most specifically in about OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers). There are some that even left me teary-eyed after watching them.

A few weeks from now, we will be bidding goodbye to our family’s first house, the place that my (then) 2 kids called – Green House.

I was going through some old pictures saved in my laptop when I came across some pictures from 2012. Most of these pictures are taken while my Dad and Mom were here in Winnipeg with us. I suddenly missed them and wished that they were still here, especially now that another significant event is happening to our family in June plus my daughter is turning 7 in November.

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Momsiecle is short for Momsie’s Circle. As our family start a new chapter of our lives in Winnipeg in 2009, I also started to write about my challenges and triumphs in Canada as an immigrant, my mommy stories, my everyday life experiences and everything in between. Enjoy your visit!

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