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This morning, I woke up to Environment Canada’s extreme cold warning for Winnipeg because of the temperatures in the minus 30s and extreme wind chills of minus 40 to minus 50.

Environment Canada issues extreme cold warnings when very cold temperatures or wind chill creates an elevated risk to health such as frost bite and hypothermia. And today is one of those days for us here in Winnipeg.

July 1, 2016 is Canada’s 149th birthday. In honor of Canada’s birthday and to recognize another milestone in Canada’s history and its achievements, I thought of putting interesting, fun and random facts about Canada:

Just when Manitobans thought that it won’t be a “white Christmas,” Mr. Snow decided to remind us that it is actually winter and snow around 10 cm started falling today.  December 16th, 9 days before Christmas, I woke up with a car covered with snow, I cleaned up the car and cleared the snow from the driveway only to come home in the afternoon with a driveway that is again fully covered with snow.

On Thursday (November 19th) morning, a fresh coat of snow greeted most of Manitobans, including us here in Winnipeg, here come’s winter.

According to Environment Canada, Winnipeg received about 3 to 10 centimeters of snow on Thursday morning and for over 24 hours, temperatures made a 15-degree swing from 1 degree Celsius with the wind-chill of feeling like -14.

A few days ago, I had the chance to read the emails from my blog readers, there was an email from a fellow Filipino who had questions about his permanent resident (PR) status, this prompted me to review my past blogs and see what have I written about this topic.

After going through the first steps in settling down in a new country, finding a job will probably be the very next step that a newly arrived immigrants will do.

For sure most people you know who are residents of Canada are giving you various advice or tips about working in Canada. But aside from the information that you’ve run from the people that you have talked to here are some numbers that you must remember which will help you get familiar with the Canadian workplace.

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